JOMSA Plenary Lecture

Masaharu Ota
(Graduate School of Business,
 Osaka City University, Professor)
演題:IoT 時代に日本製造業ができること
Title : "The ability of Japanese Manufacturing Industry in IoT era"

Plenary Session

IoT 時代に日本製造業ができること
The ability of Japanese Manufacturing Industry in IoT era

Masaharu Ota

 In order to respond to environmental changes in these several years, such as the rapid progress of globalization and the advanced IT developments by the trigger of mobile devices' rapid development, to say nothing of Japanese various companies, not only companies in developed countries but also in developing countries explore and discover their own strengths and are deepening them for their survives. In such social condition, IoT, supported by the United States government, and Industry 4.0, supported by German government, look like national strategies to progress the strengths of their own industry. While we have the suspicion about the lack of technology and its applications corresponding to them in Japanese industries, it is beside the point. Japanese advanced manufacturing industry, in their globalization, are becoming gradually clarify their strengths and is being recognized the strengths which other countries' industry are not able to catch up with. In the re-recognition to such self-confidence, the issues which Japanese companies devote are the global human resource development to execute excellent operations management, in details, the human resource to meet the needs of various production situations that occur due to economic, political and climatic environment change. In this lecture, without hesitation to the return of IT boom such as IoT, Big Data, Industry 4.0, we try to consider the management factors of Japanese management system to be further progress in global competitiveness.


Masaharu Ota is a professor of Operations Management, Graduate School of Business at Osaka City University.
He received his BS degree from Osaka University in 1978 and MS degree from Osaka University in 1980, and Dr of engineering degree in 1994 from Kyoto University.
He is also Examiner of Deming Award, President of Japan Society of Information and Management (JSIM), A Board member of Kansai Productivity Center, QC Circle Kansai District Manager, and Member of Global Manufacturing Research Group, Production and Operations Management Society, Decision Science Institute.
He is now interested in Operations Management, Innovation Management, Manufacturing Strategy, and Computerization of Management Operation.