ISOMS Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Title: Global Supply Chains for Social Impact

Prakash J. Singh
Professor and Head of Department
Department of Management and Marketing
The University of Melbourne, Australia
@Many multinational corporations are realising that huge opportunities exist in emerging economies around the globe. If successfully done, strong social outcomes can be generated. The challenge is that existing products and services, marketing approaches and supply chain structures to engage with these markets are not sufficient if such endeavours are to be profitable in the long run. Significant tailoring is required. This paper uses a case study of a global pharmaceutical company to analyse how modern medicine is produced in developed countries and supplied to poor communities in developing countries. Significant innovations in product, service and supply chain management was required, however, profitability remains elusive. This paper discusses the key challenges and outlines potential solutions based on theories in operations management, supply chain management and innovation management. The case study findings are discussed for implications on other industry sectors.

@Prakash J. Singh is Professor of Operations Management with the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne in Australia. He is currently the Head of Department. Prakashfs interest and expertise is in operations, supply chain and innovation management fields. His studies have been based in a range of industry sectors including transport and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, government, as well as the not-for-profit/voluntary sector. His research has been funded by large grants from a wide range of sources including the Australian Research Council. His research is published in many leading journals including Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Business Ethics, and International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Prakash obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne.