JOMSA Special Lecture

神野 仁志
(ダイキン工業株式会社 執行役員)
Hitoshi Jinno
(Daikin Industries, Ltd. Executive Officer)
Title : "Efforts for Quality Improvement Across Borders"
   ―Challenges, Hardships, and Trust―

Special Lecture

Efforts for Quality Improvement Across Borders
―Challenges, Hardships, and Trust―

神野 仁志
Hitoshi Jinno

ダイキン工業は、全世界80 拠点を上回る生産拠点を持つグローバル企業に成長してきました。
しかしOYLM は、利益至上主義が現地従業員に徹底された企業体質もあって、高品質にすれば同時に原価も上がるやり方は容易に受け入れられず、かなりの軋轢を生みました。
2013 年の7 月に日本に帰国してからは、グローバル空調売上高を急速に拡大させる中で、ダイキン流の経営戦略を策定・実行し、グローバルへ展開する立場となりました。具体的には、新たな商品開発として、日本で新しいベースモデルを開発し、それをベースにグローバルへのアレンジ設計商品をスピーディに開発するやり方を展開しました。また、生産設備・ラインの新しい考え方として、生産設備をモジュール設計し、そのモジュールを組み合わせてライン設計することで、地域需要にフレキシブルに対応できる生産ラインを構築する方法を、2016 年北米新工場で導入し、インド・ベトナム新工場へ展開中です。


Daikin Industries has grown to become a global corporation with more than 80 production bases across the world.
Among them, OYLM (now Daikin Malaysia) joined the Daikin Group through Daikin Industries' first large-scale acquisition of a company with production function. I was assigned to OYLM in Malaysia in January 2007.
At first, my biggest challenge was how to communicate the quality-oriented style of manufacturing I had been engaged in Japan for many years to local staff members.
OYLM had a profit-first culture, which was deeply rooted among local employees. Our stance to pursue high quality, which will also bring an increase in cost, was not accepted easily. I experienced considerable conflict.
But as I continued reform of daily operation with local members, trusting relationship began to grow between loaned Japanese employees and local employees gradually. Along with this change, we could improve quality without reducing profit.
Upon returning to Japan in July 2013, I assumed the position to develop and implement the Daikin style management strategy and expand it globally while rapidly expanding the global air conditioner sales. Specifically, I employed a new way of product development -speedy development of adapted design products in various markets across the globe from a new base model developed in Japan. We also adopted a new idea for production equipment and line - making modular design of production equipment and designing a production line flexibly to meet local demand by combining the modules. We introduced this in 2016 in our new plant in North America and are expanding it to new plants in India and Vietnam.
I will speak about the above experience from the viewpoint of activities concerning quality at an acquired company (challenges and hardships), and my activity after returning to Japan in my new position to support Daikin's bases across the globe from Japan, extending various supports to overseas bases while facing various difficulties. I hope these will be of help for the audience.

神野 仁志、ダイキン工業株式会社・執行役員
・空調生産本部長 、
Hitoshi Jinno, Daikin Industries, Ltd. Executive Officer
In charge of PL, Quality (AC, Applied, Refrigeration),
・Promotion of alliance with Gree
・GM, AC Manufacturing Division
・GM, Sakai Plant